Although my blog posts should probably always be about my inspirations, my attitude to life and other meaningful positive attributes of mine, we all know that it is inevitable that wont happen, we all have those bad days where we have to motivation to get out of bed, and we only do end up crawling out of bed because we’re hungry, or are actually forced to get up. Trust me, I know the feeling.

There are so many positive influences in our generation today, that are inspirations to so many. These people are important, they may not realise it completely, but you never know who you are being an inspiration to, and that’s a thing that you, as a human should always be aware of. Especially with the amount of social media accounts, posts and everything around these days, everyone has the ability to find out almost anything about anyone, and most people post this information publically. This could either be good or bad things, but either could be inspirational to someone that sees it.

If there is anything I’ve learned it is that I should keep my mouth shut more often, I tend to over step the mark a lot and probably don’t realise to the full extent what problems I’m going to cause.  But then I tend to turn everything in to a joke by just laughing, and eight times out of ten, people laugh along with me, I then think that the situation is alright, realise I’m being a total bitch an apologise. Most of my friends understand this about me, I’m very straight to the point and have a strange sense of humour.

An example being today, I was having a general chat to my ex-boyfriend, then I bought it up that I had called things off with this guy I was going on a few dates with (mentioned in previous blogs), a bit of general gossip a friend would tell to a friend. Obviously him being the nosey person he is, asked why and I refused to tell him to a certain extent, its private and he doesn’t need to know. In the end, it was annoying me how he kept implying how I had slept with this guy, so as a joke, obviously to shut him up about it, I agreed with him. Long story short, he flew off the handle at me and I’m sat here still laughing because it was a joke in my head but obviously not to him, and it may have really annoyed him to the extent he is ignoring me completely. I was unaware that he would seemingly be this jealous, after all he did break things off with me, and tell me to move on, Or maybe I am just confusing things and making the friendship a whole lot harder. This is a point in time where I really should evaluate whether I’m medically sane or not.

I never meaningfully set out to hurt anyone, even someone that I dislike. Buy everyone makes these mistakes, and regrets things that they’ve said. The unfortunate thing is that with text messages you can re-read and re-read again. The only thing I dislike about mobile phones today, they ruin things because you cant be sarcastic through a text message, which I am 90% of the time. I am kind of going off the whole topic of this blog post, but I feel like everything has made sense in my head, enjoy trying to work it out.

I’m extremely nervous about this blog post as its quite personal. But I’m going to go for it.


3 thoughts on “08/04/16

  1. Chanel Bailey says:

    I enjoyed how real you were in this post. Transparency is always risky but there will be at least one in those bold steps who will appreciate you jumping off the ledge! Lol! That’s at least what I think!😊

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      • Chanel Bailey says:

        There are no boundaries!!! Blogs are you personal canvas of self expression! Write to your hearts content. Advice I would give since I’ve been blogging nearly 2 years is to identify a goal and why you are doing this. Are you just venting, using it as a public diary, do you want to gain followers or does it not matter? Only you can answer those questions. If you are trying to build a readership make sure you get a theme and write about what others may be interested in from your perspective. It’s a fun world out here and the possibilities are endless!!😆

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