Currently exactly 2 months until my 18th birthday and I’m strangely not excited at all.

I have no motivation, to do college work or to even get out of bed to be honest. The only time I ever do get out of bed is to reset the WiFi when it starts playing up and refuses to work. Everyone is again busy right now, I should be busy writing up essays and doing coursework, but nah. Blogging seems far more fun. Anyway, who can even think about writing a report on badgers when they have a head full of things that they want to tell the world.

So, as per usual, not much has gone on again! I’ve spent the weekend working, doing some over time and sleeping. The weekend has pretty much flown by, I don’t even know where it went, after standing behind a till for 14 hours (plus the over time of sorting dog feed out) you don’t really get time to yourself, although I did have the most amazing bath on Saturday night, the bubbles were almost overflowing and the water was possibly the best temperature. Things like this make me want to live.

I’m really in the mood right now to just go away for a few days on my own, like I don’t care where, just to go somewhere, where no one knows you and then you can do whatever you want to. Literally sounds perfect. But I have no money and no time to do so. Well, saying that I have two weeks off college starting from the 10th of may, but going to sleep instead, that sounds like a good plan. That way I can escape from coursework.

Everyone kind of has that life that they’re leading, they know what they want in life and where they want to head towards. I don’t feel that at all, I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself once college has ended, whether its going to be a full-time job, back to education or to save up some money and take a trip somewhere. I’m applying for apprenticeships but there isn’t really many around me, ones that appeal, or ones that are far away that include accommodation. It is difficult, unfortunately. Everyone has to realise that life doesn’t come handed to you on a plate, if you want something then you actually have to put in all the effort you have to get it, and you shouldn’t just put in enough to get you by, but put in everything. Things are actually really important, and should not be done half heartedly. If you want it enough, you’ll get it.

I’m realising my blogs aren’t making a lot of sense, but I am coming to terms with this because I’m not going to change it.



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