4:36am, I’m still not sleeping right. But that’s okay, I’m just up a little before I need to be right? Positive thinking?

After this trial day I had at the potential new job which was mentioned in a previous post, I’ve thought a lot about if it was the right track for me. I feel like I wouldn’t be happier there. It would give me the chance to learn how to be independent and live by myself, also gain the much needed experience and learn about the job sector which is ultimately what I want to do. It’s just like taking smaller steps in to the world. I like that idea. 

The thought of moving away from home is really exciting me, I honestly can’t think of anything if want to do more. To have a place I can kind of call my own and do what I want with, but have the safety and security that I’ll probably go back home to family every weekend. 

I’m so positive at the moment, it’s actually great. I think that’s probably down to how I’ve been keeping myself constantly busy. I’ve been doing work overtime and keeping my mind off all things that could get me down. So I don’t actually have that time to think, even though some days it does creep in to my head when I’m sleeping and I have the worst nightmare. Which I can deal with at the moment, it’s not effecting me badly like it used to and I know that it really is just a dream.

In the end, you realise so much about how important positivity and happiness are. If you’re not feeling like it then every little negativity starts to destroy you, break you in to little pieces and make you feel like you will never recover. That feeling is honestly the worst. 

Fingers crossed about this potential job, and positivity. I can’t wait for a new chapter in my life.


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