Officially less than a month till my 18th birthday and still, I am not excited. But, I have other things to be excited about, things that are going to take myself in a whole new direction.


So, previously mentioned was a role that I applied for a couple of months ago for an apprentice herdsperson on a farm not too far away from me. The apprentice role would mean that I would get  qualification out of it in the end, and would have to return to college one day a week until my apprenticeship is over. Which all in all isn’t too bad, I don’t mind the campus I would be studying at, as ive been there 2 years already, and also already know a couple of people who are going to be returning next year and a couple who possibly might be doing an apprenticeship in the same subject area. All I can really say is that I’m super excited to start a new chapter in my life, to get in to the farming industry with little steps and be able to live independently as well.

I got a phone call yesterday and it was possibly the most nervous I’ve been, with a splash of excitement, my heart was beating so fast. It’s strange, I had a feeling, a good feeling about this opportunity and it seems to have lived up to it. The family is lovely and seem like really nice people and I’m going to love learning from them and working alongside them.

I don’t know when I would be starting as of yet, as I have to be signed off college and sort out with my present employment and tell them that i will be taking on this new employment as of when. I think for the time being I am going to try to keep both jobs on, purely because I would be needing the money as i would be travelling back home every week and would need a living wage to buy food etc. But we will see whether i would be able to keep up with the work load for a couple of months just to get a bit of extra money in that I can save up for an emergency or thigns like that.

It’s such a positive time for me, and I definitely believe that summer brings a lot of positivity and good luck. Maybe its because the sun is usually shining, its warm and everyone lets loose a little bit, but things always seem easier in the summer. Compared to winter anyway, when it’s always chilly, everyone gets sick and ill and is always in a shitty mood because they don’t get the chance to go for a nice walk in the sun and really embrace the beauty that is in the countryside, and appreciate that nature is beautiful. In the warmer parts of the year it’s when everything hatches and gives birth, spring to life and makes you actually think about it. I dont know, it’s joyous.

I feel like I have totally rambled, but with the excitement of this new opportunity and the thought of me finishing college and moving on is really great for me. I finally feel like things are going in my direction and right now, i don’t think anything could make me unmotivated or uninspired for my life’s direction. I’m embracing the route that life is taking me on and finally feeling happy with myself, with my family and friends and accepting the facts of life.




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