Ocean blues

I hope you can hear the cries of the aches engraved on my heart tonight. As we watch the sapphire satin sheets of the water fold over each other and reflect the moonlight in your eyes.

I hope you can see that I long to be wanted by someone that I want myself, that your presence calms me. The same as the feeling of the tiny shards of sand that sinks under the pressure of our feet, and overflows between our toes. As we near the shore, beginning to soak our toes in a smooth coating of liquid candy.

I hope you can feel the warmth of my feelings that are longed to be embraced by you. A late April evening, is where your feelings started to descend in to the place where they wouldn’t be seen again, they were washed away like the cherry on my cigarette, in to the ocean and were lost forever.

I hope you can taste the regret that comes with the tears that are flowing down my cheek, the relationship perhaps moved too cautiously, but never with the intention to give you the wrong idea. The ocean moves in towards us, and you walk away.


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