So after reading back through some old posts after some friends reminded me that I still had my blogging site, I suddenly was overwhelmed with the sense of how much regret I have in my life. So much has changed since I started this, admittedly some for the better, like my job for example. But other things, mostly regarding guys, and how much of a total idiot I’ve been toward them. 

Like my ex boyfriend who was previously mentioned, he never deserved my forgiveness, friendship or to see my emotionally unstable state. After finding out he cheated with many other girls, and asking him about it just to hear,

“It’s in the past dear.”

And now with him finding someone who should make him the happiest, who actually makes him feel as if he has the right to cheat, again. I’ve seen it myself, he told me himself.. it’s honestly disgusting. 

And then there’s this other guy, the one I went on a few dates with, blah blah. Well I also treated him like, I don’t know what, but it wasn’t right. I ended up starting to see his best friend right before they went away to the other side of the world together, and I actually thought something would come of that when he was back, how naive of me. But either way, I totally messed things up, I lost the great friendship and feel incredibly awkward. I saw (date guy) whilst I was shopping the other day as he’s flown back, leaving his best friend. I had to walk in to a freaking shop to avoid the awkward situation of seeing him for the first time after I got with his best friend. Now that’s not right?! 

I need to blog more, I have so many strange thoughts in my head that just need to be released, and vented out so I can make sense of them..