Ocean blues

I hope you can hear the cries of the aches engraved on my heart tonight. As we watch the sapphire satin sheets of the water fold over each other and reflect the moonlight in your eyes. Continue reading



I think most of you reading this have been there, that place where you realise, just a little too late, that you feel something towards someone that they should’ve probably known about earlier.

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It is so mind-boggling that life can change so quickly, that one day you could be feeling like the world is grey and dull, like no one is on your team and as if the world is about to come crashing down. Then the next day you feel warm and full on enthusiasm and joyousness. It totally and utterly glorious, and possibly the greatest amounts of feeling that any one person could have. Continue reading


Inspiration is found few and far between at the moment, with not much going on right now, apart from struggling to get coursework in and trying to catch up on sleep, blogging at 11pm seems like the only time I can spare.

I’ve just had one of the strangest conversations Continue reading